Thursday, November 10, 2011

On growing up

You are growing up... your body is bigger, your hands stronger, your character is maturing, your games are different, your habits are improving, your desires and interests are changing... and so your heart should be changing as well and maturing.

You are a child of God, and a child bears the image of the father. So you should bear the image of your Father. Ask Him, to help you recognize the sin in you, to notice when something is not good or pleasing even if it pleases you.

Ask Him to help you be devoted to prayer, obedient, childlike in your trust of Him; to love Him wit all your heart, soul and mind; to be saved from your temper, meaness, unkind manners; to master your tongue and grow in love towards others.

Your prayers should be stronger and deeper in love an need. Pray with humiliation, supplication and adoration. Pray considering your words, growing in holiness.

As your body gets bigger and more responsabilities are set before you, so it is with your soul. The more you grow in Him, the more is expected from you. You are to guard your heart for your own safety, you should know your temptations and run away from them. Kow your heart and search it often that you may not be proud or silence your concience.

Do not compare your self with other good men and think you are good because you are like them, or to others who are worst and think you are good because you are not like them. Always compare yourself with the Lord, make him your standard and your measurement, so that you will always have miles to walk until the day He gives you rest.

Grow in knowledge and understanding, grow in stature and in wisdom. Grow in a way that brings glory to your Father.

Monday, November 7, 2011

On Heaven

Oh, Heaven!
Do you know what awaits to those who persevere? Have you read? Isaiah 65:17-25 give us a great picture of that place.

He will make a new Jerusalem, where people will be a delight... you will not be annoyed by others, they will be a delight!
The sound of weeping and crying will be heard no more!.
Never again, will be an infant who lives but a few days, or an old man who dies. The pain we know it too well. The pain and bitter taste that death leaves in our hearts, will be felt no more.
We will build houses and live in them, plant crops and eat them. We will have no bad harvest or weeds to destroy our vegetable gardens.
Before we call, He will answer, and while we are speaking, He will hear...
There will be no need to pray, because we will have nothing to pray about; we will have no needs and no desires apart from Him.

Oh my children, set your eyes on heaven. Set your eyes on that blessed day that the Lord has promised us. And we know we can trust Him, because throughout the Bible we read over and over again, on how or precious Lord was faithful to His promises. You can trust Him!  He will come back, He will take His own, reunite us with Erica Faith, meet Him face to face and cry no more.

All our sins will be burned at His sight, and at once, we will be transformed and deal with our sin never again.

Think of that day... long for the day of His coming to hasten.
Think of the day, when you will sit right beside your Creator, and be so close to Him that you will hear His heart beat; when you will see His wounds in His hands and  in His feet, when you kneel before Him and kiss Him. Oh! that precious day!!
When you will hear His voice so tender welcoming you to your rest.

Look forward to that day, when you see heaven and your God. To sit around His table, and thank Him for eternity for saving you.

If you keep you eyes in Him, in heaven, you will find it easier to persevere in whatever trials the Lord sets before you. Because you will know, that soon, very soon you will be with Him, and then, just then, all will be all right.

I have a hard time understanding how in heaven there will be no tears.. I cannot imagine not crying when I see my Savior, when I see you there with me one day and be reunited with Erica. I cannot imagine not having tears when I see my Lord's face and fall to the ground in gratitude. I cannot imagine not having tears when I face Him and then declares me innocent before Him because I am covered with his Son's blood... and then, look around, and see my children, covered in Jesus' blood as well.

Oh that day!...
Set your eyes on Him.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

On Bible Reading

My sweet kids, there will be a day, when there will be no need to read the Bible or pray. That day will be when we are at the Lord's presence for ever; Bible reading will not be necessary, because He will speak to us directly, and no need to pray, because there will be nothing to pray about!, we'll have no needs, no desires other than what we have.. to be in His presence forever!

We are not there yet. But if you want to enjoy heaven and His precious presence, get to know Him now. Know Him as much as you can, learn from Him and read what He has to say to you... How do you know you want to go to heaven, if you do not know who you are going to be with for the rest of your eternity!

Know Him now! This is your time! Read your Bible, His written word, the same word that made the heavens and the earth and all that is in them; the same word that opened the red sea so that His people were saved; the same word that spoke to Moses in the burning bush; the same word told the waters to stay still; the same word that gave sight to the blind; the same word that it is the power of God for salvation. That word is in your hands! That word is at your reach, to read and to treasure... and that word, can save you, give you life, and feed your hungry soul.

Read the Bible, read it all. If you want to know your Creator, whom you'll meet one day face to face.. know Him and seek Him. He is loving and merciful... He will show you who He is, and trust me, He will be more desirable than the world.. so much, that you will not be able to let go of Him.

Matthew Henry, a man of God, that wrote many commentaries on the Bible, when he was young, he used to run to his room right after family devotions and pray: "God please keep these words I just heard in my heart safe that I may not forget them"..  he had fear for the Lord since he was young.