Thursday, May 6, 2010

On abortion

Always choose life!
"Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, for the rights of those who are destitute."
 Proverbs 31:8
Every day about 115,000 babies are being killed by their mothers before they are born. Every year,about  42 million babies have no chance to fight for their lives! They are too little to run away and hide. To scream for help and being helped. The war against the unborn child is a terrible war. I encourage you, as you grow up, to speak for these little ones, they need a voice to fight for them, to help them.                                   
We need men to are not afraid to defend them, they need someone who will pray faithfully for them. One day, seeing a kid with Down syndrome or any deformity will be a rare sight, because those babies are not welcome in a world where perfection is valued with no proportion. Men and women pay to change their bodies, to make them look young again, men and women are buying the idea that we need to look and act a certain way to be accepted in society. That our looks and money is all that matter in life to be succesful. And so, they start doing just what Hitler once wanted to acomplish: create a perfect race with no flaws in it. And as parents get rid of their not perfect babies or stop the life of someone because of the fear of the ruin of their "perfect" life! They are missing the point that their Perfection is getting farther and farher...farther, than they ever thought possible. Their hearts are more distant from the real Perfection (which is found only in Christ) every day, and as they try to achive that ilussion of perfection, the more unhappy they are so the more they think that they need to destroy what they consider an obstacle to achive it.
How lilttle they know! How little they understand! Kids will bring a balance in life that we all need. Those not so perfect kids, bring perspective to our lifes to understand what is important and what is not.Those kids will bring maturity to young parents that all they are used to think is about living for themselves. 
Men and women all over the world are at war against one of the most precious things God has blessed us with... BABIES! They are torturing them to the point of death in the most cruel and inhumane possible way and they justify it saying it is the women's right to kill their babies!
I encourage you... do not be passive about this, but feel pain for them and for the parents of these children that are being seduced and covinced by the ideas of the world because they lack understanding, and are easily convinced. Pray for them every day. Pray for the moms, dads, doctors, nurses and friends. 
Be their voice!