Tuesday, December 6, 2011

On Jesus!

My dearest children,

Who do you turn when trouble comes?
Who can comfort when pain visits you?
Who do you turn to when heath, wealth and prosperity leave you?
Who do you seek for peace when there is pain all around you?
Who do you turn to when the world offers you no hope?
Who do you seek when you need to be satisfied?
Who do you run to for shelter when the storm come?
Who do you tell your most secret thoughts?
Who do you thank for all you have? (talents, shelter, food, ...)

        Jesus! It is Jesus and only Jesus you need to seek.

Jesus is strong when you are weak,
Jesus is safe and secure to stand on when you are standing on quicksand,
Jesus is a comforter when you see despair,
Jesus is the hope when the world shows you none,
Jesus is the satisfaction of every need,
Jesus is the joy when trouble comes,
Jesus is with you when your friends leave you,

But, not only in our need:

Jesus is better when the worlds looks the best,
Jesus is more loving when the world pretend to love,
Jesus redeems you, when the world tells you that you are fine,
Jesus changes you what the world tells you to love,
Jesus gives you perseverance when you want to follow your heart,
Jesus listens carefully to our prayers when the charmer tries to seduce you,
Jesus is with us when we are in no apparent need,
Jesus knows best when secular wisdom sounds pious,
Jesus gives more that the world could ever give,
Jesus is our provider when we live in abundance,
Jesus satisfies when the world fills with air,
Jesus creates when the world copies,
Jesus loves when the world lusts,
Jesus is the real treasure when the world seems to be filled with them,
Jesus conquered death, when sin brings you to it,
Jesus is the Lord of all creation, He owns it and it obeys Him.

                      Jesus, only Jesus !