Thursday, April 22, 2010

On seducers of the soul

"Seducers are more dangerous enemies to the church than persecutors". Matthew Henry

Be careful of people that will come to you, and pretend to be Christians or attending the church because are brought by their parents.. but be always aware that your eyes must be fixed in Christ not on men. There will be many that will try to seduce you away from your faith, it is easy if you are not with your guard up. Be careful of those that with kind words and will entice you to sin.

Run away from those companies, find others that will encourage you to continue on the path you were taught since young, do not listen to the advice of sinners because it will take little, for you to listen about it, desire  and sin to the point of being proud about it.  Be careful to listen only to good advice, advice that is only supported by God's Word.

Remember the whirpool in the ocean, many great ships get sucked in it and never seen again. It never starts very quickly, it is always slow, a siple gentle turn, but little by little, they are pulled closer to the centre and sucked in with no mercy. Stay as far as you can from any of this whirpools of seducing companies so that you may not be pulled by their sin.

Persecutors in the church, ofen will make your faith stronger, because it will force you on your knees to pray to your God... but the seductors, will come very softly, using nice words, and language that you are used to, they will be wolves dressed in sheep skin, so they will try to trick you into thinking that they  belong to Christ. Be aware, do not sleep or slumber about your faith, but always keep watch. Be alert and always in prayer. If you pray often, your life will show and with God's grace, you will be able to discern between the wolf and the sheep.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

On sin

When you sin, how much does it hurt?, how much does it bother you? Are you in such pain after your sin that your heart is so heavy and sad, that a simple "sorry" does not seem enough? Be careful to not get in the habit of sinning and taking for granted the forgiveness and thinking that a simple sorry will do. Make sure that you understand the price that was paid and the suffering that was needed to frgive your sins.

When you are in your backyard, and get a thorn stuck on your finger, it causes you great amount of pain. Just one little thorn stuck in your finger. Once, people made a crown of many thorns and stuck it on Jesus's head; He bled. He was whipped over and over again with a whip that was made to hurt and to tear the flesh of His back. Jesus had to suffer all this and many more things for you.

When we sin, is like saying: "He did no suffer enough", so we push harder that crown of thorns on Jesus's head, or take one more turn with the whip!

It should hurt you so much, it should  make you cry when you sin and ask for His precious forgiveness, treasuring His suffering and living a life that says: "You suffered enough!"

It is so easy to sin, and then go to your bedroom and ask for forgiveness, but it really does not hurt you what you did. You know that you would probably do it again if you had the oportunity. You say sorry with your lips to clean your concience. But does it really hurt when you sin? Are you mouning for your sin and begging the Lord to change you? 

Ask yourself these questions. Pray to your Lord so that He can help you to feel that pain in your heart. To help you to love what He loves and to hate wht He hates. Go to your knees when you sin and go to the Father who is ready to forgive, who does not get angry easily, but that is patient and merciful.

Do not dispair when you see the sin in you, but always bring it to Jesus. Bring them to the One (the Only One) who can change a heart, and give you the blessing of experience God's forgiveness!

Monday, April 5, 2010

On laughing

Always laugh. Take life seriously in matters that need you to be serious, but never lose those great smiles that fill my house. Those laughs that are simple and innocent. Love to laugh and you'll pass those laughs to others. it is contagious!

Everyone loves to be with people that enjoy life, that find good in others. Not complainers and critical of other people. But laugh at your mistakes and be patient with the mistakes of others.

You will have many friends if you are someone who is a friend. Train yourself in the habit of laughing. A house filled with laughs, is a happy house. We love your company, we love the noise you make in the house, the toys, the piano practice, the praying together, the first of everything you learn, the stories you tell, the dreams you have and the laughs we share. All those laughs, make this house very special. Because they come from you!.

Never lose those laughs. Laugh often. Laugh and make others laugh with you. It is a joy to hear you and teaches me when I hear you to laugh with you too.

On youth

I cannot impress enough into your hearts, that there are years ahead of you, where your faith will be tested. Now that you are young, is the time gto learn and practice your religion. But years of trial come without warning, so listen to my warning and be wise. Years so dreaded by many parents where kids that proffessed being Christians as kids leave everything behind, exchanging the Truth of God for the lie of the world, that promises great happiness and encourages everyone to follow the desires of their hearts, the passions and lusts to forget the faith they were taught when young. Those years could be very special instead. Those years are great if you are wise and are true to your God. The only way you will defeat lust, is by reading sound doctrine, the only way you will oersevere, is by keeping on our knees. Do not forget the instructions we have given you all these years. The time is coming, where you can put into practice what you were taught and resist temptation and pray earnestly for your soul. You can blame it on hormones like most kids and parents will, or on the natural process of seeking who you really are, on growing up, but the truth of what you beleive, will be shown in those years.  The hormones will hit, you'll be changing physically and emotionally, we are learning with you to be parents... but the truth in your heart should not change. Treasure it and protect it with all your heart. Rest in God and He will give you the strenght you'll need as you seek your independance and your self worth in Him. In His sacrifice, in His life and the assurance that you belong to Him because He bought you with his own blood!

Be different!, Seek the Lord while He may be found and do not give your heart to the world.. it is NOT worth the loss of your soul for a few hours of pleasure. Beleive Jesus Christ and His promises, the lies of the world may look like honey for a while but they will rot and when the pleasure is gone, they will leave behind nothing but a life with no hope.

I'll be praying for you, for those years that are ahead of you, for every decision that you'll be taking. I'll be praying for you. You are not alone. Many godly men and women have gone through those years and come out victoriously. Be one of them!, so that other generations behind you, may see how Jesus Christ sustained you and so He will sustain them too.