Friday, September 23, 2011

On Affliction

My sweet and dear children, Affliction comes when we least expected as we have experienced in our lives, affliction comes without warning. It comes with the intention of hurting hard, attacking the deepest parts of our beings. Affliction comes with the intention of distracting us of what is holy and encouraging to doubt our loving God. It should never shock us!, be prepared, because affliction will come, will strike its venom with the purpose of killing... but there is hope! Our blessed Lord promised us, that He will be with us. That in this life we will suffer, but one day, our sufferings will stop!  
 God loves His people so much, that He let us be hit by affliction in this world that we may hate it. To remind us that as shiny and pretty this place may seem, it is broken. There is nothing to cling to that will last, nothing so precious and perfect as He is. And in this, He uses affliction so that we may be sanctified. Affliction brings humility... it leaves nothing to boast about, but in Jesus Christ. Because He is strong when we are weak. When you so desperately need Christ to be enough, He somehow, is enough. When there is no hope but in the hope that He gives you every morning. When you see His mercies every morning and His faithfulness at nights, it humbles you again in gratitude. With affliction comes hope. Do not despair, but look at the cross of Christ and rest.

When you feel like you hate the pain the affliction has caused you, it serves as a reminder of sin, and what sin causes, the pain, the tears, the hurt, death, the consequences, the broken dreams, ... and with this, helps you hate it, helps you want to get rid of it all... get rid of those precious sins that we treasure, those that we cling so dearly...... they are not lovable! they are just poison in pretty bottles! Remember this pain and hate the sin that caused it!
Oh! that with time you don't forget this lessons!  It is so easy to forget, you cannot even depend on our memory, you have to depend on the Holy Spirit to be reminding you all the time of sin and his consequences!
Tell your friends, your children, your grand children of this day. Not to dwell on the sadness, but to rejoice in God's work!, may this be a time, that you can look back and glorify God for the way He was kind to you when you needed it the most, how He was a comforter, how He gave you peace that surpasses all understanding, how He held you close and heard your cry, how He taught you to trust in Him, and know that He is good, and that whatever comes your way, now you know, how He will not leave you alone, but stay right beside you when you need Him the most. Now you know!
 Oh what a providence of God it is to know Him more! A painful providence yet a providence of love!

Oh!, wait patiently for the day, when the exchange of tears for joy and fear for peace will happen! Oh! what a hope! what a blessing to put your eyes on that day, on Him who will make that precious exchange.