Monday, July 19, 2010

On doing hard things.

I heard this not long ago, and I wanted you to remember it, keep it in your mind and meditate often on this thought. Things that are good for you, will often be hard.

Being angry it is easy, but it is wrong - having self control is hard, but it is right and good for you!
Being proud it is easy, but it is wrong - Being humble it is hard but it is good.
Procrastinate it is easy, but it is bad - Keeping busy, it is hard, but it is good.
Ignorance is easy, and bad - Studying is hard and good.
Speak without thinking is easy and foolish - listening is hard and wise.
Being impatient is easy and bad - Being patient is hard and good.
Not keeping your word is easy and bad - Keep your word is hard and good.
Not finish what you started is easy but bad - finishing it, is hard and good.
Having time watching TV or playing videos is easy - studying God's Word is hard and good.
Walking by the poor and do nothing is easy and bad - helping them is hard and good!
Doing nothing is easy.... and bad. - Doing things is hard and good.
Hate is easy and bad - loving when you do not feel like it is hard and good.
Keep mad is easy and bad - forgive is hard and good.
Blame others is easy and bad - Repent is hard and good.

What are you doing today?

Monday, July 12, 2010

On losing all for Christ

What is there to loose? Following Christ is to win. If there is anything at all you are afraid to lose, anything that you cling to that makes you happy, if there is anything at all that you treasure so much, if there are any friendships that you desire that you know are not good friends to have, if there is anything at all you are afraid to lose if you follow Christ; then I tell you that for Christ's sake, you will suffer no loss but the loss of that which robbed you of the sweetest, happiest, holiest blessing you can ever taste.

When you taste the beauty and friuts of His garden, and when you know the Friend that is always listening; then you will see that the things you cling to, were rubbish before Christ. You will want nothing to do with these old wants. And will long to live one day with Him and nothing more.

I cannot tell you enough, how much greatest is to have Christ than to have the whole world. Listen to people who have had it all. Take Salomon's advice!. He was the richest and wisest, had all his heart desired... and at the end of it... what did he say?...all is vanity. Nothing was worth it, nothing was enough. Because only Christ is enough!

Pray often, pray to God to free you from all that is robbing space in your heart and mind from the things that you were created for : To glorify God and enjoy Him forever!. Until then, you will keep longing and getting distracted by the vanities of this world.

Losing it all is not losing at all, but gaining it All!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

On tough love

Being a parent is the most rewarding things, brings the most joy and also the most worries. Makes you test every day your character, faith, patience, love, self control, discipline, ... and when you love your kids as much as we love you, it is very hard to not give in when we know you want something but we know is not good for you.
When you were babies, hearing you cry was the hardest thing. Our insctinct as parents was to want to pick you up, hold you until you stop crying and make it all better. But as much as it was painful to us, we had to let you cry. Put you down for a nap, and walk away for you to learn. As we were away, our heart was all broken. We were crying with you, hoping it will pass soon, not because it was anoying, but because it was painful to our harts.
Today, is no different. There are many times we hurt as much as you are hurting, and learning to step out and wait for you to learn on your own ot is hard!. Teach  you to lean on God alone, to trust in Him and to rest in His arms, that is something we cannot teach you. We can tell you about God and His holy Word, but that is something you need to learn between you and God.
Trust us as parents. Trust in our love for you. Trust that we need also to be obedient to God. That we need to teach you often even when seems hard and in ways that you may not understand for now.. but always trust that your soul is our priority. Trust in God. Trust and obey, for there is no other way but to trust and obey.
Some people call this: tough love.